Dr. Songlin DAI MD General Surgery

Dr. Songlin DAI   MD  General Surgery


MD General Surgery







Graduated from Shanghai First Medical College (School of Medicine, Fudan University),1963.

Lecturer on comprehensive cancer treatment at Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Surgery.

Department of Huadong Hospita and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences,1995-2003.

Member of Chinese Medical Association and Shanghai Medical Association, council member of Chinese Medical Technology Management Institute, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and China Cancer Research Foundation, advisor for Shanghai Cancer Club and executive member of the council of Chinese Doctor Association.

Dr. Dai held many managing and academic positions including; Director of the Surgery Department- Shanghai Huadong Hospital; professor at  Fudan Medical Centre, Guest Speaker at the World Health Organization Shanghai Health Education, Promotion and Cooperation Center.

Specializes in a variety of diseases in general surgery and tumor surgery, especially for general cancer surgery and combined therapy such as thyroid tumor, breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic carcinoma, gastric cancer, colorectal carcinoma and malignant lymphoma.


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