Clean Air For Everyone!

It’s no secret that China’s air quality is less than desirable and may be the cause of some of your health concerns. Well, this is one thing you don't need to worry about once you step into WorldPath Clinic International. WorldPath now offers clean purified air throughout the entire clinic, thanks to our new partnership with Blueair. Blueair is recognized as the worlds most efficient and effective air purifier with an unbeaten clean air delivery rate (CADR). Both the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the EPA endorse CADR standards.

Along  with the many air purifiers Blueair has graciously dontated, they are also offering great discounts for all of our patients including:
-          10% off a Blueair air purifier
-          A free Air quality test for your home
-          10 day free trial

While you lean back in the dentist chair, relax in the waiting room, or play with your child in the play room, you can breathe confidently knowing you are in an air purified zone.  If your hospital isn’t pollutant free, what is?

 To learn more about the discounts on blueair products contact Elyse at