As more attention is focused on good health and prevention of disease, plastic surgery has also become increasingly popular and available, not just to movie stars in Hollywood, but in most big cities around the world. Shanghai is no exception. The new Department of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine at WorldPath Clinic International offers clients the highest quality plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine services in Shanghai.

    Whether it is to address the aging process, rejuvenate the aging face, deal with unwanted wrinkles make breasts more aesthetic in nature, or simply improve the quality and appearance of the skin, more and more people, men and women alike, are turning to plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine as a solution.

     The standard surgical procedures available to address the aging face include facelift for sagging neck and jowls (rhytidectomy) and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to make the eyes less droopy and more youthful. In recent years such cases have become less invasive, especially if done at a younger age. 
     Much of the newest technology now available is designed to compliment busy lifestyles.  The newest procedures, however, are successful only with the newest state of the art technology. In skilled and competent hands, these procedures are safe, effective, and painless and have little or no associated downtime. For that reason, procedures that involve combined energy sources such as radiofrequency, laser and intense pulsed light have become an essential part of the science and art of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine. 
     These procedures can address the quality and appearance of the skin, fine line wrinkles, unwanted hair as well as tightening of the skin of the aging face - all done without surgery.  Liposuction and body contouring can now also be performed with non-invasive technology.
    The aging process often times is associated with a loss of volume in the face, which causes wrinkles and sagging, and the illusion of premature ageing.  We are now able to replace lost volume with fillers such as Restylane, which is safe and last for a long duration, giving the face an almost immediate lift, again, with no surgery. When used in combination with other anti-aging modalities such as Botox and cosmeceuticals, the combination of these anti-aging treatments can be quite remarkable.
    Breast augmentation has become increasingly popular, as has breast reconstruction after mastectomy.  There are numerous options for breast augmentation, including the size, style and type of breast implant as well as the location of placement to avoid bad plastic surgery results. However, for both augmentation and reconstruction, it is essential to have a good relationship with a well-respected plastic surgeon, and a detailed discussion about which procedure is best for you.  The choice of implant, for example, is a critical part of this decision making process. Using only the highest quality implants is essential to long term success and satisfaction with breast augmentation or reconstruction.